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Wu-Tang: An American Saga
Show package

Title Sequence




EB Synth Clips


Styleframe for Title Sequence



Logo Animation for Transitions


EB Synth, Procreate, After Effects

Wu-Tang: An American Saga is a biopic on Hulu about the unlikely come up of the 90's rap group The Wu-Tang Clan in Staten Island, NY. Our group decided to do something gritty and textural and somewhat collage-style, which we felt reflected the show's style well.

This project was made in collaboration with Tyler Ferrell and Kaleb Sweeney. Tyler made amazing original music throughout the project, some of which used samples of Wu-Tang songs to pay homage to the incredible music this show is largely about. Kaleb did all editing and compositing for the project that gave it its collage style and rich animated textures.

I made the base animations largely using the program EB Synth, which replicates the style of a specific frame/s of video painted over as a keyframe for an entire video. The program isn't perfect yet, which caused me to have to do a lot of frame by frame work to fix clips. The program still sped up the time it would have took to rotoscope over each frame a ridiculous amount.

The logo animation was created using scanography techniques where I scanned a piece of paper with the logo printed on it dozens of times. I purposely moved the logo during its scanning to distort it in unique ways which were then made into an animated sequence of the images.

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