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Upper- Paleolithic Man

After Effects, Procreate

This was an infographic I made for class. The paleolithic period and its art interests me a lot and I wanted to share some things I have found out about people of this period in a way that wouldn't bore them. I wanted to shed some light on cavemen, who are often thought to have much worse lives than what researchers have actually found. I made something that delivered information both through cave paintings and character animations of cavemen because I thought it would be the most visually engaging. The humor in it I added mainly just to make it more entertaining. I also think there are inherently funny things about cavemen living much more enjoyable and healthy lives than what's often made out, and certain cave art like the Venus figurines are funny to me. I hired a voice actor on Fiverr for the voiceover and my roommate, Maxwell Dezell, made the caveman noises for me.

Process Photos


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