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Tooth of the lion

For my senior project I was determined to do a short film of an idea I had a couple years ago but didn't have the time or abilities to do any justice yet. The premise I began with was "what if every single floret (tiny petal), which will later turn into a seed, was its own tiny living creature?"

Originally, the story was going to focus on the idea of how in life almost all people go from being mentored and nurtured to doing this for others; just as a seed goes from developing on a flower to one day becoming its own flower that develops seeds. This natural path of life is something that's present in families in being raised to raising, it's in sports, education, and our field especially with people going from learning or getting a degree to quickly teaching others and even starting their own studios. I didn't have enough time to fully show this cycle (but I might do a second part later if I can find time) so I settled on a story focusing on one seed's journey and all the fear and wonder it's full of. 

This piece was an intense process with a lot of cel, learning the plugin Rubberhose for After Effects, and creating things in 3D that I had to make look 2D (such as the chains of the swingsets). I've still really enjoyed it all along the way and it has kept me constantly engaged with so many different components to almost every shot.

Styleframes + Character Designs

SF 2 V2.jpg
Styleframe 1 V2.jpg
Styleframe 3 V2.jpg

Scrapped styleframes to the right and below that I had originally pitched.

Styleframe 1 V1.jpg
Styleframe 2 V1.jpg

I was planning on having the piece be fully 3D backgrounds with 2D characters, originally.

Cel Process Samples

Sketches + Storyboard Samples

Refined character sketches.jpeg
SF sketch 1.jpeg
SB Sample.jpg
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