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The Natural State

of Chaos



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With this piece I had in mind something that was very crowded with details but still had some breathing room for the eye and balance in the piece. I tried to achieve this balance through countering the blood in the water with reddish leaves on the other side of the image. I tried to have yellows and greens in dispersed throughout the composition too. While the hand in the water with blood and the trail of blood coming off the snake as it gets onto the land is the most noticeable example of conflict between creatures in the piece, there are 5 other examples of it. The mantis and ants are fighting one another. A beetle under a leaf is about to eat a ladybug in front of it. A dragon fly is being watched by a spider who has spun a nearby web between two rocks. A frog is shooting its tongue out to try and catch a moth. Also a fish is jumping out of water to eat a fly. The meaning of this piece is that although man aims to separate/think of itself as separate from other animals, humanity as a whole is still extraordinarily violent towards members of its own species. Conflict resulting in death between people is still constantly inevitable and inescapable for some.

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