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Storyboards Final

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This was my final for my motion media storyboards class final. For this assignment we were required to do a pro-social message and I did mine on problems that arise from large scale factory farming and presented a solution to this. Factory farming uses tons of unnecessary resources and it's about 1 pound of grain for every 10 pounds of beef produced. Factory farming (especially for beef) causes a massive portion of greenhouse gas emissions that are very overlooked. This doesn't mean I suggest we all simply go vegetarian or vegan as this is completely unrealistic. If we all halved the amount of meat we ate that is no different from half of us going vegetarian altogether

Final Frame 1.JPG
Final Frame 2.JPG
Final Frame 3.JPG
Final Frame 4.JPG
Final Frame 5.JPG
Final Frame 6.JPG
Final Frame 7.jpg
Final Frame 8.JPG
Final Frame 9.jpg
Final Frame 10.JPG
Final Frame 11.JPG
Final Frame 12.JPG
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