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She's Lost Control

After Effects


This piece is based on the Joy Division song "She's Lost Control". The song is about a woman with epilepsy that the singer, Ian Curtis knew. He too suffered from epilepsy. I've only known a couple of people with it my whole life but both of them lived very challenging lives because of it. They have to worry about seizures coming at any moment which are of course not only a horrifying experience but also something that could result in injury or even death. They have to rely on people being around them at nearly all times who can assist them or at least call for help. This song is supposed to be giving a glimpse into something unfamiliar and truly scary, representing an insight to what epilepsy is like. I would describe this song as very haunting. I tried to create a style that fit with the time period of the song and something fitting with how it sounds as well. Much of this video is footage (shot by my roommate, Ned Cooper) of the piece being played on an old small TV monitor I hooked up to my computer. Everything in the original piece was made directly in After Effects. There is a mix of both glitch effects I made in After Effects and real glitches from the old monitor. 

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