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C4D (Octane render), Touch Designer, Monster Mash, Daz, Nvidia Canvas, After Effects

This piece was made in collaboration with Josh Parsons, Alyssa Kalbus, Greg Markman, and Reece Bunbury as a final for my group's projection mapping class. It was projected on these buildings known as "butteries" for the Alys Beach projecting mapping festival, Digital Graffiti, in May of 2022.

This animation is inspired by many things but mainly Thomas Cole's painting series "The Course of an Empire" that portrays a cycle of civilization where people go from a hunter-gatherer state to destroying the environment in the area and creating a massive civilization that eventually falls. Its architecture is then overtaken by nature in time and it becomes ruins buried in greenery, and then the cycle begins again. This concept was specifically in reference to a highway being built in the Everglades in Florida as a protest of the destruction of a rich and dense environment right in the same state where this was projected.

My role in this project was coming up with the concept and creating the initial styleframe as well as modeling the characters using Daz to create the "humanoid" ones and a free program still in beta right now, called Monster Mash, to create the animals (which a couple of are combinations of animals that live specifically in Florida). I also created the continuously changing glitchy yet realistic background using stills generated in Nvidia canvas of AI created landscapes. My teammates also did a big mix of kinds of work each on this such as 3D modeling, texturing, Touch Designer effects, compositing, and editing.




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