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Ripley process.JPG


This piece is based on a scene in the original Alien movie where the main character, Ripley, has to escape carrying the ship's cat while holding a flamethrower. I saw Alien for the first time a few weeks prior to making this piece and its style really inspired me. It goes without saying that the monster's design seems to be somehow exacted to be as scary as something can possibly look, but it is rarely on-screen given that its a deadly stealthy creature usually hardly seen by the crew of the ship in the movie. What really captivated me and made me feel I was watching something that was very real was the immense effort and thought put into the details of the film like its incredible set design. Countless rooms filled with unique shapes and just the right amount of illuminated buttons and screens constantly immersed me. Ridley (played by Sigourney Weaver) is also just a great character with a great performance who I thought always had a cool, unique look. She is often credited as being the first sci-fi female protagonist in film.

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