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Pool Player



This is a digital painting done from memory and imagination. This is one of the few pieces of art I've done based on something that directly happened within my own personal experiences. The piece is based on the time I was playing pool in a basement bar in Savannah and the bouncer came over to kick one of the people in our group out. The bouncer (in the yellow shirt with the hat and glasses as I remember him wearing that night) thought that he was messing with the string lights hanging from the low ceiling (also visible in the piece) when in actuality he was just grabbing them to stop them from shaking because they kept getting bumped into. One of my friends somehow quickly managed to convince the bouncer, who had angrily marched over, that the person in our group he was going to throw out meant no harm and asked him if he'd take a "celeb shot" for him in pool. The bouncer ended up taking the shot for his turn with an intense demeanor and managed to sink one in for him quickly.

Much of the illustration isn't exactly how I remember it and is altered for sake of the composition, but many of the people in it and the story behind it are true to what I recall.

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