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Lumber loop

Procreate, After Effects, EB Synth, Premiere

I had the idea for this piece a long time ago during one of my shifts working at a movie theatre and jotted it down and kept it on the back of my mind for about a year until I started fleshing it out. I love looping pieces and how they break the linear nature of videos and am always coming up with ideas for them. This one started from thoughts of an infinite loop of zooming into a branch on a tree that takes the form of the original tree. Making this piece felt somewhat meta after a while since the process of getting every detail how I envisioned felt never-ending at times.

The character was done with cel in Procreate with details and lighting on him made using the program EB Synth, which replicates frames you provide it on the remainder of the input video. The rest of the animation was made in After Effects. The sound design was made in Premiere. 

Bits of the songs by Radiohead "Hunting Bears" and "Life in a Glasshouse" were used for this piece.


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