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Frog 1

This was an animation I made
using a technique in After Effects (that was roughed out with cel first) that uses animation of the path of many shape layers to create an appearance of depth in movements. I matted several moving pattern layers I made on to the frog and objects in the background to try and make the the piece bursting with secondary motion.

Frog 2

This animation was made using almost entirely frame by frame animation in procreate. This piece was very inspired by many cel liquid motion animations. My goal in making this piece was to create a loop that looked very organic and haunting. Although it was very painstaking I also found working on this to be very meditative over time as well.

Media (both)
Procreate, After Effects, Mononoke, Premiere

Both of these had their design done in Procreate and cel animating done in Procreate (which is the majority of Frog 2) and used After Effects too (which is the majority of frog 1). I created my own music for a project for the first time using the drone soundscape keyboard app Mononoke for iPad and made some brief tunes for both these pieces. Sound design was done using Premiere.

Process Photos


Frogs PROCESS 3.gif
Frogs PROCESS 4.gif
Frogs PROCESS 1.jpg
Frogs PROCESS 2.jpg
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