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Chase bank and united airlines' explorer card

After Effects

This animation was created for my group's intern project for Fleishman Hillard. Our assignment was to create a pitch for a hypothetical launch campaign for Chase and United's Explorer Card. This social media post mockup for the brands was just one drop in the huge bucket of ideas our group included in the lengthy pitch. The group decided to launch before holiday travel and mainly target Gen-Z people looking to travel more often. I wanted this piece to still retain universal appeal and have design choices that weren't too out there for these brands (also reflected in the fonts and most colors) but I also had a younger adult audience in mind. I've noticed a trend of social media ads with younger target audiences often having clean graphics that still have what I'd call more of collage-style motion design. I tried to incorporate some collagey elements in this piece like the arrows, details on the card, and the masking/edge texturing of the photo assets.

I created this piece's sound design as well and wanted to create a satisfying and happy feeling through the music I made on the iPad app Mononoke.


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