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Desert Daze

After Effects, Procreate


Desert Daze is an incredible music festival in California that has a variety of different artists, but mainly is biggest on psychedelic and indie rock. Their lineup for 2021 was not confirmed when I made this, so I made one up for this title sequence based on some of my favorite artists they had perform in the past few years. After researching Desert Daze I realized that a huge aspect of the festival is its beautiful location right on the shore of Lake Perris. I decided to focus on its lake and went from there deciding to do something imaginative with aquatic creatures. The style is inspired partly by 70s psychedelic aesthetics, but I tried to put a unique spin on it that blended illustration with graphic elements.

Despite it being a great deal of just me having fun with some nonsensical sea creature animations, I still tried to give it rhyme and reason. The snail in the middle's oddly shaped shell is a reference to the "energy dome" hats DEVO is known for wearing. The crab mutating into the bizarre combination of sea animals is based on the album art for Ween's album "The Mollusk". King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard had crocodiles for its title card because their mascot is a crocodile. All instruments put by the artists' credits are ones they use as well.

Design Frames and Process Photos


Styleframe 1.jpg
DD Progress 3.jpg
DD Progress 1.jpg
DD Progress2.jpg
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