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Procreate, After Effects, Cinema4D, MadMapper

This was my first project for my projection mapping class I made with my partner Josh Parsons using 2 projectors, a styrofoam mannequin head (used for wigs usually), and another block of styrofoam. The mannequin head was carved into, drawn on with marker, and painted over to get the effect we wanted in certain areas on it with the projectors' light. It was intended to look like a human cyborg head was being built by a mechanical arm completing it and adding on the last piece (on the left side where it was heavily carved into). The patterns around different parts of the face differentiate based on the different senses of different orifices (smell, taste, hearing) and abstract designs I thought best represented them. I am not sure how successful these aspects of the concept come across, but I still personally think these details still added something to the piece. The mouth's movement is also audio-reactive as can be seen in the short videos above from the the class session. The face was designed in Procreate and so was the blinking of the eye animation, using cel. The electronic eye animation was made in After Effects. My partner Josh made and animated the robotic arm in 3D and also made a skin map from 3D to be the skin of the cyborg's face. This project showed me both how fun and involved experiential work is with its combining of physical design with digital.

Styleframe and Process Photos


Process 2.jpg
Process 1.jpg
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