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Comotion 2021

Branding Contest Entry

Shirt Logo V2.PNG
Styleframe 1 FINAL.JPG
Styleframe 2 FINAL.JPG
styleframe 3 FINAL.JPG




This was my submission of logos and styleframes for the Comotion 2021 branding contest. 

This was my written treatment:

The concept focuses on light contrasting darkness and finding beautiful surroundings and others hidden in the dark. Light in darkness is fitting in a few ways. It is harder to connect with one another and have a sense of community in the absence of face-to-face interaction. It is also harder to have an inspired mentality that’s essential to artmaking in the bleak times we’re in. Comotion will be a beacon in these hardships and bring inspiration from the vast amount of work showcased and connect students to one another and the industry. 
The imagery would be more naturalistic than years prior, featuring people exploring ruins and mystical animals representing motion design principles. The color scheme would be mainly a pallet of dark purple contrasted with a wide range of light orange and blue tones. The style would have a lot of grain texture, detailed lighting and moving patterns.


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