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Chime "2 Cents" Youtube Episode Pilot + Chime "Tax Talk" social posts

Chime title seq SF 1.jpg

2 Cents Pilot Episode


Chime title seq SF 2.jpg


I came up with these design frames for an idea of the title sequence for Chime's (soon to be released) YouTube series 2 Cents before it had a name yet and this is what I came up with. Although Chime heavily uses a couple green tones, dark gray, and white for its branding most of the colors I used in these illustrations are part of Chime's secondary brand palette. This idea was rejected but it still remains what I am most proud of for the work I did on this project.


Tax Talk TikToks


After Effects

I This was the logo animation I created for Chime's tax season social content "Tax Talk" (soon to be released as well). I wanted to play around with a clean faux-3D look in after effects (everything seen in this is purely 2D) as well as smears for the first time. This animation was also rejected for something much simpler, but is my favorite part of the graphics I created while working on this.


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