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Balancing Act

Procreate, After Effects, C4D (Octane render)

This piece was a project done for a projection mapping project where a piece had to be created for projection using a templated layout in 4 panels for projection onto 4 large rectangular blocks. I created it with 2 other people in the class, Josh Parsons, and Greg Markman. We started with the bizarre styleframe I drew (below) for this piece and a chosen song. It was agreed our group would stick to this concept of people holding up unstable and shifting structures of stacked shapes but didn't really know how we'd execute this, let alone make it something designed for 4 panels. Together we all bounced ideas off each other for hours to come up with the exact concept. The result was otherworldly and a different take on motion graphics using 3D geometry (especially ones with balancing).

Greg did nearly all the satisfying and vastly different animations of the geometry in C4D that are seen in the shots of the thinner panels. Josh took care of the materials and rendering of the 3D, animation of the stacked "towers" in C4D, and editing. I did modeling for many of the shapes, cel animation of the people that was rotoscoped over the 3D, and animating a couple of the 3D shots in the thin panels. This was my first time creating something that combined 3D, 2D, and real footage (royalty free footage in the backgrounds). This project made me realize how important creating an experience for an audience is in projection work.

Process Photos


Balancing act styleframe.jpg
Balancing act process 0.jpg
Balancing act progress1.gif
Balancing act process 2.PNG
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