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15 Step

IMG_20190317_232841_637 (1).jpg


Tayasui Sketches, Photoshop


This was an assignment for my color theory class where we had to make a piece that represented a song we chose particularly through how we use color in the composition. I chose the song 15 step by Radiohead. It is a song about being stuck in a cycle of striving and not being able to attain what you want. I represented this by having the central object have many aspects to it that lead your eye all over it in somewhat of a cycle. The background comes close to blending in with the central form because they both have orange transparent parts but still remain separate. This represents satisfaction being fleeting. The use of reds symbolizes the warm guitar tones in the song. The cooler tones that are thinly separated are for the parts where the song becomes a bit more depressing and takes on a much different sound of its instrumentation from the guitar pedals used.

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